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We’re a contract sales organization (CSO) that does things differently from “traditional” healthcare sales outsourcing companies.

Why We Take a Different Approach to Medical Sales

Medical sales, and the outsourcing of those sales, is nothing new. As early as the 1850s, drug wholesalers were employing salesmen to pitch their pharmaceuticals to doctors. However, too many contract sales organizations are still stuck in the past.

Other CSOs habitually apply “brute force” tactics with their pharmaceutical sales teams. They tend to hire sales reps who consider a "literature or sample drop," a job well-done. These CSOs experience high churn and pass along the cost of recruiting more underachievers to their medical industry clients.

At Axxelus, we do things a better way. Instead of hiring “warm bodies” and leaving it at that, we seek out top talents and nurture them with training and incentives. Our “Relational Sales” model for the healthcare industry motivates our sales reps to produce real results for your company. For more than 12 years, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes in the healthcare industry grow their business and achieve their sales goals!

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How Does Axxelus Build Relational Sales for the Healthcare Industry?

At Axxelus, we ensure the sales reps on your account deliver high-quality results by:

1. Hiring the Right Person at the Start

Axxelus strives to find the right people to represent your company as healthcare sales reps. We get to know your company, culture, and needs before making the first outsourced sales hire.

2. Developing Great Medical Sales Reps

The healthcare industry is constantly changing—so your medical sales team needs to keep up! Axxelus provides skills development opportunities and extra training to help ensure that your outsourced sales reps are all current with the latest developments and industry requirements.

3. Providing Frequent Updates on Sales

We stay in constant communication with our clients to build transparency and help them make more informed decisions. With weekly client sales reports and emergency updates, we build a strong relationship founded on great communication.


Using this model, we help companies in the healthcare industry solve their sales and marketing challenges—whether they’re a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturing conglomerate or a small, single-physician clinic.

The Axxelus Hire-Right Guarantee

At Axxelus, we take pride in pairing the right medical sales reps with the right companies. We’re so confident in our ability to find the ideal talent the first time that we offer a Hire-Right Guarantee.

If you’re not happy with your full-time medical sales rep, we will make it right. If the sales representative we find for you leaves before a full year is up, then you don’t pay the hiring fee!

Consider this: The average turnover rate in sales is between 20% and 34% (source: Forbes) and the average hiring fee is $4,600. Assuming average attrition rates, across ten new hires, our Hire-Right Guarantee would save you between $9,200 and $13,600.

However, that’s only one part of the story. One of the major costs of high employee churn is the lost momentum in your sales efforts. The time you spend recruiting, onboarding, and training a series of replacement sales reps is time that could have been spent bringing on new accounts and earning more money. Worse yet, a shortage of sales reps can negatively influence your relationships with your customers—costing you even more sales opportunities.

By focusing on hiring the right people from the word “go,” Axxelus helps you maintain your sales momentum. Instead of worrying about onboarding new hires, you can focus on watching the sales roll in!

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