January 7, 2022

7 Sales Planning Tips You Should Know for 2022

It’s another new year—do you have a medical sales plan for maximizing your results yet? Making a plan can be a tedious task, but it’s a necessary one of you’re going to outperform the competition and meet your organization’s key goals.

How Big Is the Medical Sales Industry?

So, just how big is the medical sales industry? The manufacture and sale of medical implants, surgical tools, and other equipment is an enormous ...

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6 Healthcare Sales Rep Skills to Look For

Recruitment for any position in a company is an involved process. From advertising job openings to creating competitive compensation packages, ...

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How to Make Competitive Medical Sales Compensation Packages

It’s hard to find qualified and motivated talent these days. When new talent is found for any given role, it can be incredibly difficult to keep that ...

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5 Common Medical Sales Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes happen in every profession. The medical sales industry is no exception. However, some errors can be costlier than others when it comes to ...

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Tips for Writing Medical Sales Reports (+ Sales Report Template)

If you’re managing a medical sales team or sales department, you may already be familiar with sales reporting. It’s a perfectly normal business ...

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Why Is My Team Failing to Meet Medical Sales Rep Goals?

In pharmaceutical and medical sales, goals ensure that sales reps know the expectations around their performance. Pharma and medical device sales rep ...

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Is a Contract Sales Organization Right for You?

Pharmaceutical companies are always in need of talented individuals to help them build and maintain strong relationships with their current and ...

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