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We provide modern, human-centered contract sales teams that do things the right way!

The “Traditional” Contract Sales Organization Service Model is Broken

Old-school sales tactics just don’t help companies build long-term success. Robotic interactions where the sales rep is just going through the motions don’t generate sales — they generate ill will that keeps your brand from achieving new heights. This is why we do things differently.

Get Professional, Flexible, and Reliable Contract Sales Teams

At Axxelus, we focus on quality over quantity — using a highly-trained and well-compensated team of healthcare sales experts. Your outsourced sales team will work hard to build relationships and drive results.

As a contract sales organization, we’re dedicated to doing things better so you can reap the benefits! Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to contract sales that stimulates healthy, long-term growth?


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Scalable Contract Sales Services for Healthcare Companies of All Sizes

If you can name a healthcare-oriented business, we have an outsourced sales management solution that can help! Some of the types of healthcare organizations that we’ve worked with include:

  • Pharmaceutical giants
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Hospital systems technology/SaaS vendors
  • Healthcare product and implant manufacturers
  • National healthcare services providers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local healthcare businesses
  • Multi-physician practices
  • Solo practitioners

Whether you’re running a big pharmaceutical company or a small healthcare practice, Axxelus can provide the right medical sales representatives to help you meet your sales goals!

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Your Contract Sales Program Will Be:



We apply a structured approach to medical sales to produce high-quality results.



We customize our services to provide a true “white-glove” treatment that addresses your unique needs.



We focus on high-quality training that produces persuasive salespeople who build long-lasting, valuable relationships.

Choose Your Level of Contract Sales Services!

At Axxelus, we know there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to sales services. So, we provide both “Full-Time” and “Part-Time” outsourced sales services to our clients.

Full-Time Sales Teams

The sales experts under this service are full-time Axxelus employees who work a consistent schedule and are held to strict process and performance goals. These medical sales experts provide a long-term commitment to your organization.

This service is a great fit for larger organizations who need a higher volume of sales activity, a long-term commitment from their outsourced sales team, and a true “white glove” treatment with increased availability.

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Part-Time Sales Teams

Our part-time sales team consists of one or more 1099 contractors. Instead of being held to a set “9-5” schedule, these contractors are held to specific performance and process goals that they must meet to ensure positive results for your company. Sales service contracts are kept short-term (usually around six months) with an easy breakup.

These economy-class sales services are a great fit for organizations on a tight budget who don’t want a long-term commitment. Part-time sales teams also work well for organizations that undergo busy periods during set times of the year.

If needed, there is always the option to upgrade services to the “Full-Time” team.

Get A Part Time Sales Team Now

Both options help your company save time and money on having to manage and train medical sales experts. All Axxelus contract sales team members provide “white-labeled” services—meaning that our sales reps will carry your business cards, sales kit, name tags, etc. so your customers never know that you’re using an outsourced sales team.

Additionally, regardless of which Axxelus contract sales service you use, you’ll receive regular reports and updates to keep you in the loop.

What Makes Axxelus Different

Where some contract sales organizations apply a “brute force” method to sales — simply hiring “rent-a-reps” to regurgitate a sales pitch — we do things a better way.

Your Axxelus medical sales representatives will focus on building lasting relationships with your customers so you can enjoy long-term success by reaching your sales goals.

In short, what makes Axxelus different is that we believe in quality over quantity, in building relationships that last, and we will work hard to produce results for you!

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